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Our Story

In 1998, QE - a nonprofit services holdings company was formed, but it wasn't a holdings company then. It was a small firm, located in a small office, in a bank building on main street in "small town" Virginia. Its president was invited to serve on a board of directors for a family development center that was affiliated with a robust local Habitat for Humanity chapter.  While listening to volunteers fishing for ideas to help raise money needed to pay for the newly built center and its many wonderful programs, QE's president, DaVida Wingfield, knew her firm could help.  

She  rolled up her sleeves, working pro bono for the most part.  Thirty days later, the organization was approved for a $50,000 grant.  Later, with continued fundraising assistance from DaVida, the organization received the Oprah Winfrey Use Your Life Award of $100,000 and an appearance on the show.  As a result, the company received interest from prospective clients from across the US and in other countries.

In 2011 the company expanded its clientele to include celebrities, many of whom where active and retired sports professionals from major league football, heavy weight boxing, US indoor soccer leagues and others interested in leveraging their brand through philanthropy.  Soon the company was divided into two subsidiaries, Advocates Resource Group and Celebrity Philanthropy.

We believe that the programs, projects, and movements sponsored by nonprofit organizations are the lampposts which illuminate the Journey called life.  Today, QE's subsidiaries (Advocates Resource Group and Celebrity Philanthropy) serve nonprofit clients across the United States.

Our first office location in 1998

Our first office location in 1998


We are proud of our success, and are even more excited to help others fulfill their mission by providing fundraising tools, program development and management consulting, and 501c3 nonprofit startup assistance. 

QE is a nonprofit services focused holding firm with three subsidiaries:  Advocates Resource Group, llc; Celebrity Philanthropy, llc; DaVida Wingfield, llc