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  • TELEVISION & RADIO requests
  • CONSULTING for celebrities, movements, municipalities, nonprofits
  • SPEAKINGsample topics:
    1. "Collateral Damage, the politics of philanthropy"
    2. "PASSION, the key to your success"
  • SEMINARS, sample topics:
    1. What NOT to do - the mistakes community organizers never talk about
    2. Community Outreach on the high road - ensuring excellence at every phase of service delivery
    3. Grant Writing Success - intermediate and advanced
    4. Board Training - leadership development and fiduciary duties
    5. The art of networking - partner cultivation and coalition building
  • OR - just connect :)
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PHONE:  (804) 372-7538 (Advocates Resource Group)


PHONE: (757) 828-7135 (Celebrity Philanthropy)